Podcasts for Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and Investors

EconTalk: A weekly podcast featuring innovators, economics, policy makers, and authors with big ideas that impact incentives in society.

Exponent: A regular podcast that dives deep into the nuances of why tech companies make the strategic decisions they do and how markets will play out.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders: A weekly podcast hosted by Stanford's Entrepreneurship Corner that features incredible startup founder stories.

Philosophize This!: A regular podcast that features the highest quality explanation of philosophical thinking.

Naval: musings from Naval Ravikant on life, business, careers, funding, and a host of other topics.

The Knowledge Project: A weekly podcast dedicated to proliferating the best information to help people make better decisions and become more effective at what they do.

a16z: A broad based podcast on trends in innovation that typically correlates with investment activites conducted by Andreessen Horowitz.

Y Combinator Podcast: A weekly podcast that features founders and thinkers that share stories and advice that can help early stage startup founders.

On Being: A weekly podcast that interviews the deep spiritual thinkers.

This Week in Startups: A weekly podcast hosted by notorious angel investor, Jason Calacanis.

Hardcore History: the most passionate telling of major historical events

Common Sense: a commentary on current political issues from the context of the guy who makes Hardcore History.

HBR IdeaCast: A regular show that explores the latest research in business research.

Venture Stories: interviews that entrepreneurs and venture capitalists can relate to that cover new and interesting topics.

Making Sense: a podcast that explores the deeper meaning religious and spiritual issues in our current world.

Masters of Scale: a regular podcast hosted by Reid Hoffman where he interviews titans of venture and technology.