My online home for building in public

Writing online can change your life, so I made a website to help me do that.

Writing online can change your life. At a bare minimum, it's a forcing function for self-discovery and intellectual growth. Doing it well can impact millions, in rare cases billions, of lives. Either way, consistently writing and publishing is critical. That's why I'm using as my online home for learning and building in public.

As David Perell notes, writing online...

  • Makes you visible
  • Spreads your ideas
  • Attracts interesting people
  • Leads to R&D for your ideas
  • Sharpens your understanding
  • Helps you position your unique point of view
  • Deepens your self-awareness

Many people I admire write online, like James Clear, Ray Dalio, and Balaji Srinivasan, to name a few. Their commonality is communicating ideas through their writing and doing it openly online. Publishing their ideas creates a virtuous flywheel of exploration and serendipity. The act of writing strengthens their command and authority. Posting it online becomes a powerful feedback mechanism that speeds up their learning process and enables their ideas to spread beyond their immediate networks.

You could argue that people with large online followings attracted their audience because they were already experts with valuable things to say. In many cases, this is true; however, you can become an expert by writing online with the right intention. If you are a principal authority in your field, intentionally writing online can spread your ideas further and lead to possibilities that you couldn't imagine on your own.

The key to getting the most out of writing online is intentionally exploring topics, developing a deeper understanding, connecting ideas in new ways, and doing so consistently. Notice that I didn't mention sexy web design, search engine optimization, or social media tactics. Most important is having a tool that makes publishing simple so that you can do it consistently. I believe persistently working through ideas compounds into quality work, and consistently producing quality work leads to growing your audience. That's why this website was started with a bare-bones layout. The product is the process, so you can expect to see it evolve. It's optimized to be my online home where I can build and develop my ideas in public with as little friction as possible.