Design Resources

Jordan Carlisle
July 4, 2023

This is a curated list of design resources I've used over the past 10+ years.

Laws of UX

"Laws of UX is a collection of best practices designers can consider when building user interfaces."\

Design Kit's online hub for courses, guides, and tools for human-centered design.

UX Checklist

An open-source interactive checklist that offers a comprehensive guide and educational resources for every stage of a UX project.

UX Tools

A database of the best software tools for design.

UX Collective

A blog on that curates and syndicates the best blog posts about UX, visual, and product design.


A place for designers to share their work and draw inspiration.


A free stock photo repository curated by Getty Images.

100 Designers on Twitter

A list of the top 100 designer accounts on Twitter. Follow this list, so you don't have to follow each individual.

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